Friday, 15 October 2010

Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP)

'“Light Art” has now become its own sub-genre of visual stimulation.'

Light art performance photography is a one shot long exposure photography in which fascinating images are formed using the movement of light. It is created on a real time basis infront of the camera, created between the opening and closing of the shutter. LAPP images are not computer generated or 'fake' images.

LAPP is descended of light drawing and has been developed into its own art form.

Lapp, as the evolution of light drawing is complemented with additional elements in the form of light figures, colours and light forms, to create a special view of the general view.

LAPP is the exact type of photography i wish to create for my final project.
Through the use of light I wish to provide viewers with a different view of something familiar, I wish to create a portrayal of a particular object or place in which viewers are physically unable to see with the naked eye. 

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